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DApp Ideas

Below are some of the dApps we'd love to see built on Ten. Feel free to reach out on Discord if you'd like to discuss the ideas in more detail or request support.

On-chain gaming

Heads Up, Texas Hold'em Poker

The most popular form of poker, played as heads up to remove the requirement for anti-botting on tables and remove friction and complexity in waiting for players to move. Problems to solve:

  • How do players find each other and get matched up
  • How do you move the game forward (who pays – could be fraction of the blind)
  • How do you deal with players stalling (need to look at blocks progressed? Is that possible? Perhaps an oracle is a better solution)


Another simple game that requires privacy. Idea here is to play the game, tournament style. Players are given random ordering and make a move in the game. If they hit a mine, they’re out of the game. Last player(s) get a prize.

Reverse auction (lowest unique number wins)

Simple game where the lowest unique bid of a particular round, wins the round. Requires privacy to keep bids hidden until the round ends.

Round based average number guessing game

Round based guessing game where the number ends up being the average of all the guesses in the previous round.


Dark Pool Trading

A dark pool is a privately organised exchange for trading securities where exposure is hidden until after execution and reporting. This allows investors to trade without publicly revealing their intentions during the search for a buyer or seller and hiding any pricing data, which could result in investors receiving poorer prices.

MEV resistant fork of Uniswap or any other DEX with private limit orders (intents) implemented

With Ten, a fork of any EVM dApp will just work and will be MEV resistant straight out of the box. But can you also add private limit orders (intents)?

Fork of Aave or any other lending pool with hidden liquidation levels

Having liquidation levels out in the open encourages traders to chase and sometimes move the market to force liquidate others. Keeping these private until they're actually hit would be a huge step forward.


Nested NFTs

NFTs with other NFTs or other secrets held within. Perhaps other tokens?

Sealed bid auction minting

Allowing NFTs to be bid on through a sealed-bid auction mechanism

Build your own treasure hunt (with POAPs)

Create a treasure hunt of NFTs with all the treasures kept hidden until found

Web3 & AI:

Convince AI to give up the prize game

Can you build a game at the intersection of Web3 and AI. Perhaps, one where you have to convince an AI bot to give you the key to unlock a smart contract holding funds. Obscuro lends itself well to this as you can provide that the AI was set up in an entirely fair way with nobody, not even the developers, at an advantage after the game.

Generative adventure game

A Web3 remake of the old adventure games, using AI to make them generative. Combining with Web3 to add real assets of value from tokens to NFTs.


Voting with hidden votes until round completes


The old oracle model is broken: once a data feed is available to one dApp, anyone else can freeload. Private data feeds are the way forward. An oracle solution that dispenses data based on subscriptions with potential for auction mechanics fixes the problem.