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Guessing Game

Guessing Game

The Ten Guessing Game is a simple yet powerful demonstration of Ten's unique encryption capabilities. Players attempt to guess a secret number, with each guess requiring a token fee. The game showcases the challenges of maintaining secrecy in transparent ecosystems like Ethereum and how Ten addresses these challenges.

Game Mechanics

  • The game's objective is to guess a secret number.
  • Each guess requires an entrance fee of 1 unit of the token (1x10^18 units make a single token).
  • Correct guesses result in the player receiving all accumulated entrance fees.
  • The game then resets with a new random secret number.

Playing the Game

How to Play the Guessing Game: A Step-by-Step Guide This guide assumes you have a Metamask wallet installed and configured with the Obscuro testnet.

  1. Verify Gateway Authentication: Ensure your connected account is properly authenticated through the Ten Gateway.

  2. Visit the Game Website: Navigate to the official website of the guessing game.


You can get free testnet tokens from the Ten Faucet.

  1. Make Your Guess: Enter your guess for the secret number within the designated field. This number should be within the specified range (e.g., 1-1000).

  2. Sign the Transaction: Click on the "Submit" or similar button. A Metamask window will pop up asking you to sign a transaction authorizing your guess on the blockchain. Carefully review the transaction details and gas fees before confirming.

  3. Wait for the Result: The transaction will be processed on the blockchain, and it may take a few seconds to minutes for the result to be confirmed. You can see the status/result of your guess on the message log below the guessing field.

  4. Inspect the Transaction (Optional): You can explore the details of your guess transaction on the block explorer - Tenscan.This will allow you to see the status, gas usage, and other details associated with your guess.


Enhance the guessing game! Fork the game code from this GitHub repository.